To grow in love with what surrounds me

Our vocation as youth is to be better stewards of this earth.

Malialosa Tapueluelu, Program Officer of Caritas Tonga and delegate for Caritas Oceania at the 2022 UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon, shares about her work and how Laudato Si’ inspires her.

My name is Sesilia Malialosa Tapueluelu and I am currently employed as the Program Officer of Caritas Tonga. I started working for Caritas Tonga in July 2017. I am also a member of the first ever Caritas Oceania Youth Alliance and have been its representative to the Caritas Oceania Regional Commission since 2019.

Through these years working for Caritas, my passion for humanitarian services grows as time passes, from working in promoting sustainable community development projects to disaster preparedness and responses, consulting and implementing of community-based activities, and representing Caritas Oceania Youth in various online events.

Growing up where I was born and raised has had a great impact in my life. As I grow older I realize how valuable certain things are and I grow to love and care more for what surrounds me and what provides not only for me but for everyone around me. The encyclical Laudato Si’ has inspired me in so many ways. It drives many of the activities that we’re implementing through our youth network. I personally believe that Laudato Si’ and the call for care for creation and our common home is our call, our vocation as young generation to be better stewards of this earth.

Watch a video of Malialosa explaining how sea level rise and extreme weather are impacting her island home, and how Tongan youth are helping people prepare for and respond to ever more threatening climate change impacts:

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